ThinStone Veneer

Natural Thinstone Veneer has been available for years, but recent innovation allows natural stone to be cut thinner, faster and more efficient than ever before. Today, stone cutting machinery transforms full thickness natural stone into lightweight thin stone veneer (nominal thickness 1-1/4”). These lightweight pieces reduce production, shipping, and construction costs, allowing greater affordability, installation versatility, and real value when compared to traditional natural stone and imitation stone products. Natural Thin Stone Veneer can be installed quickly, often without footings or ledges, and adheres to concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall, and even metal. 90 degree cut angles cut from full thickness stone are used to create corners that conceal the true thickness of the stone. The overall result is an application which looks like a traditional full thickness stone installation. Since Thinstone Veneer is a natural product, it is not susceptible to the limitations of imitation stone (discoloring, fading, and showing of the interior concrete base).

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