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Below you will find a number of Frequently Asked Questions that you may have considered yourself.  In the event you do not find the answer to your question here please consult our Thinstone Install Guide or contact us at your convenience. 

How do I measure for stone?

You will need to know the square feet measurement and the lineal feet of corners for the area on which you intend to apply the thinstone.  Please reference our Thinstone Install Guide for specific directions.  It is worth noting that the amount of stone needed will be affected by the type of installation.  If a mortar joint is being used there will be no need to account for waste, in most cases.  In the event the stone is being installed with a dry stack application, consideration will need to be given in accounting for waste.

How can I clean the stone?

 Our Thinstone is best cleaned by using soap, water and a soft/medium bristle brush.  In the event the stone is soiled beyond what may be cleaned with soap and water, a pressure washer may be used.  Special care and consideration should be given when cleaning with a pressure washer and the specific manufacturer’s guidelines and directions followed.  It is importatnt to understand that although the stone will not be compromised by using a pressure washer it is possible that certain physical characteristics of the stone may be affected.  It is the safest alternative to wash with soap, water and soft/medium bristle brush.      

What type of mortar is required for installation?

The best mortar to use for both scratch coat and stone setting is Type S.  Type S is the industry standard and has been proven to give the best “holding strength” for all adhered veneer.  In addition to standard Type S, we suggest adding a small amount of Portland Cement to the mixture that will be used for setting the stone.  We recommend this simply because it creates a stronger bond between the stone and the scratch coat.  Consult our Thinstone Install Guide for specific install instructions. 

 How is the stone packaged?

We package our Thinstone in 200, 100 and 25 square feet pallets.  We also slightly overpack to account for waste, breakage, etc.  All of our pallets are securely wrapped to ensure safe transportation and effective storage on your job site.  Our corner pallets are packaged in 25 lineal feet increments but can be customized to accomodate most any size order. 

Will the stone fade?

This question is best answered with a brief explanation.  All of our Thinstone is produced from 100% natural stone that has been created from hundreds and thousands of years of geological and environmental conditions.  For each style of stone, these conditions have produced the beautiful aesthetic qualities that have drawn you to them.  I can say with certainty that these same conditions will continue to aid these aesthetic qualitites for many years to come.  You only need to behold the beauty of an ancient castle on the coast of Ireland or marvel at a stack stone wall that was built 100 years ago to recognize the enduring quality of natural stone.   

Do you offer corners?

Simply, yes.  All of our Thinstone offerings come with corresponding corners.

What is the thickness of the stone?

The average  thickness for our Thinstone is 1.25″.  There may be some stones that are 1″ and yet others that are 1.5″ thick.  The main idea for us is not on the thickness of the stone but on the weight of the stone.  In order to comply with ASTM standards the stone should weigh less than 15 lbs. per square foot.  Most of our Thinstone is too heavy once it is thicker than 1.5″. 

Do you deliver?

Yes we do.  We contract with flatbed trucking companies for large loads and with common carrier companies for smaller loads.  We can even provide equipment to unload the stone for you if needed.

Do you have a distributor?

We do have a number of distributors/dealers that represent our Thinstone.  In the event you are looking for a local representative please contact us and we will direct you to the nearest dealer.  If there is no dealer in your immediate area, we are more than happy to sell directly to you.  If this is the case we will coordinate all aspects of the order from samples to delivery of the product. 

Can I install the stone myself?

Yes you can.  It is important to consult our Thinstone Install Guide to gain detailed instruction on the install.  The install is more of an art than a science so it is better if you are comfortable working with stone. 


Thinstone Install Guidelines